How we got here and were we are going

So why is this most effective transportation technology not used more in the United States?

How can we experience the numinous in a world like ours?

Uncle Joe’s Funnies 1938

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Noam Chomsky is one of the most cited scholars alive today and his work has played a vital role in linguistic, cognitive sciences, philosophy, and politics

Noam Chomsky, by Duncan Rawlinson, CC BY 2.0

The myths of an exceptional America and why we actually need them

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We can change the world, but it requires that we relearn how to think about the world, and our place within it.

This essay is an outline of the problems faced by our society, the reasons for those issues, and the options for changing the world we live in through the act of striving.

Activating a reader’s imagination by directing their inner eye

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we’re told that the goal must always be to “see the other side” but what does this actually mean?

“Leap, Don’t Lag!” says the vintage pro-war-bonds poster.

Mere productivity cannot be the goal, nor can creative productivity be reached by force

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Odin Halvorson

Odin Halvorson is a poet and published short-story author seeking to make the world a better place by beginning with himself.

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