Unbelievable Historical Military Facts

Some of the weirdest, funniest, and most incredible events from military history.

Odin Halvorson


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Humanity has fought wars for about as long as agriculture has existed, but when one thinks of war one might be tempted to think of words like “heroism” and imagine stylized battlefields lit by the explosion of shells, where brave soldiers vie in a desperate struggle for some strategically-vital piece of land.

What you probably do not think of is the penguin in charge of those soldiers or that when those soldiers call for support, it might come in the form of Pepsi’s navy.

Most people would certainly not think about the vital role that a bunch of art school majors played in the Allied victory in World War 2, and few would probably believe that the British military created an entire warship out of ice.

And yet, all of these are true pieces of military history, as strange and incredible as anything the most head-in-the-clouds writer could possibly create.

A Meteor Strikes A Roman Battlefield

In 74 BCE, during the height of the Third Mithridatic War, the Roman general Lucius Licinius Lucullus lead 32,000 soldiers against the vastly superior army of the Pontic King Mithridates in Phrygia. Though his enemy held the advantage of numbers, Lucius decided to press his attack regardless, hoping to keep the entire Pontic military effort on the defensive.

A heavenly display

With the soldiers arrayed in formation across from one another, battle seemed imminent… until the heavens seemed to split apart and a giant gout of flame shaped like a boar’s head and burning like silver in a forge seemed to fall between the two armies. Both sides were so terrified by the impressive sight that they retreated, the fight called until another day.

Rome would eventually prove victorious in its bid to defeat the Pontic Kingdom, ending over a decade of conflicts between the two powers that had begun with the Asiatic Vespers, the massacre of Roman…



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